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“Every day we hustlin’…”

Millennials are obsessed with everyday hustles and that was me at one point. Quitting my 9-to-5 job to become a housewife isn’t something I had anticipated in my 45-years retirement plan. I began working at a very young age, 16, and have moved from jobs to jobs throughout my entire life, most (if not all) have been in sales and/or finance. Things have been going on quite well for me, why have I decided to quit my six-figure income and stop pursuing my career that I’ve worked so hard towards? When asked “what is my end goal?” by my soon-to-be hubby, my answer had nothing to do with making money, being well-respected, or any of that nature, but it was simply “I wanted to be able to spend more time with my family”, and soon to start a family of my own. That had brought me here and I wanted to use this blog as a way to transition my thoughts and simply to help me go through the process. Maybe it will be helpful to someone who is going through the exact same thing I’m going through, or maybe it won’t, but at the very least I hope you all enjoy!

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