The Journey Begins with Wedding Planning

Thanks for joining me!

This is my very first blog post, exciting and terrifying all at once. A little bit about myself, I’m getting married in May to the love of my life! Along with the excitement of the wedding planning is usually a little bit of stress on the couple so I will devote this first article to share some tips/advice, having been through it, on what to expect when you are planning to have a wedding.

Guest list before venue

Before you jump the gun and fall in love with a particular venue (like we did), it’s helpful to actually have an idea of how many guests you are planning to invite to your wedding. Some venues can only hold so much, and some won’t allow outside catering at all (we wanted In-N-Out as a late night snack for our wedding but couldn’t), etc. hence it’s important to prioritize what you can/cannot compromise on and what are the must-haves.

Real vs. “Fake”

We actually attempted the idea of getting a “dummy” cake ever since FunCakes Rental was featured on Shark Tank. So I contacted them to find out more information. The “cake” will be on a 14″ acrylic tray and is covered in real fondant and gumpaste, just like a real cake (you can’t even tell). The only thing that’s different is they use Styrofoam on the inside and there is a section on the bottom tier (in the back of the cake) that would fit exactly 3 Twinkies, so you can actually cut into it. Clever right? The only challenge here is you will have to deliver your own “cake” to the wedding venue after they’ve shipped it to your home a week before the wedding, not to mention buying a couple of sheet cakes (from Costco) to serve. This option didn’t work for us because we wanted to be as hands off as possible on our wedding day but it’s definitely something to consider if budgeting is important to you.

Surf & Turf

Originally we had our guests choose the option of either steak, lobster, or vegetarian for their dinner entrée. I thought everything was going smoothly until some guests started to RSVP with no entrée choices and it began to stress me out. Not to mention that you have to be super organized with the bookkeeping and making sure you get it right every single time you enter who wants what. At the end of the day, we decided to just keep it simple with the surf-and-turf entrée for everyone and the vegetarian entrée for the vegetarian folks. Point is: the simpler things are, the less hassle it will be for you.

“Will you be my bridesmaid?”

This is an oopsie on my part. So David, my fiancé, and I had a very uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen that we wanted to have in our bridal party. I wanted 8 (16 if I could) and he only had a whooping “5”. We both agreed at the beginning that it’s totally fine to be uneven, a couple guys can be lucky with 2 ladies in their arms. One conversation with our photographer, whom happens to be a really close friend, suggested against it since it wouldn’t look right on pictures. My fatal mistake was that I’ve already asked all 8 of my closest girlfriends to be my bridesmaids, so now I have to be the bad cop and eliminate 3 of them. And yes, it wasn’t fun.

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