IKEA Closets

Today I’m writing a blog about the IKEA closets. Just a bit of a background, David and I are moving into our new home. This is the home that we want to spend the next 15 years of our lives raising four kids so everything has to be perfect. I’ve gone to California Closets and the Container Store to get a quote and although their designs are nice, the materials that they use were either too thin/feels cheap for the amount of money that I would like to spend. Still, they were quoting me upward $10K for my new closet. And then comes IKEA!

Our current IKEA kitchen cabinets

David has used IKEA before for our current home, everything from kitchen cabinets to bathroom vanity and we’ve been very pleased with the appealing factors (clean lines, modern, sleek design). So I decided to give it a try with our new closet. To my own disbelief in a good way, my quote came out to be $1,800 and I was adding so much more extra stuff to it (glass drawers for example) that I couldn’t with the other closet companies due to their steep prices.

IKEA also makes your life easy by allowing you to save your work on their user-friendly planning tool called “PAX planner”. You can even access this from home with your own login and make any changes as necessary.

My 3D rendering closet design

All you need to do next is to go to a local IKEA store, they usually have most items in stock so you would just pick everything up in one day. Have fun installing!

P.S. I will post pics of the final product once we’re done installing the new closet.

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