Update on IKEA closets

Hi guys,

So I wrote an article about the IKEA closets the other day and wanted to give everyone an update on my closet that I just installed. The entire process was a tedious 2 1/2 days but it was well worth it. I’m very happy with the result, not to mention it only costed me under $2000 for the entire project (and that includes tax).

I’ve attached a couple pictures here:


The good thing about these closets is that you get to design them however you’d like them to be. I need longer hanging space because I have longer dresses, but my fiance wouldn’t have the need for it, so we customized his side a little bit differently.

Notice the “centerpiece” in the middle is a row of smaller drawers, a glass drawer, and a jewelry pull-out tray. The glass drawer/shelving cost just a tad bit more than the regular wooden material but it transforms the closet into something more luxurious (a bit of an upgrade). I will be adding crystal pulls to the drawers so make sure you come back for more pictures 🙂


Above is a picture on the right side of the closet, we tried to keep the design as symmetrical as possible minus some minor differences.


And lastly is a picture of the remainder side of the closet. This side was strategically designed to fit our 2 hampers on the bottom but still has even functionality with the drawers, hangers, and a shelf on top.

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