San Jose

A weekend trip to San Jose this past weekend was a lot of fun! I’ve been to San Jose a lot but this time was particularly different because it was my very first bachelorette party (of 3).

My girlfriend picked us up at the airport and since everyone was hungry (around lunch time), we decided to have lunch at Palomar Cafe, a popular Vietnamese cuisine in Grand Century Mall. Let me tell you, the food was delicious!

From there, we walked over to the next block (about 3 minutes walk) and ordered ourselves delicious tofu desserts from a little kiosk called Soyful Desserts (what a clever name).

My favorite was the #5

We then took a 1-hour car ride to San Francisco, went on the ferry for another 1 hour. They basically take you around San Francisco Bay to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. On the way back to the car, we stopped by a crab restaurant next to Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s just fun eating on the street!


For our first dinner, we picked LB Steak and it was yummy! Santana Row has a lot of new restaurants and high-end shops hence it’s a up-and-coming tourist attraction. Our second dinner, we also decided to go back to Santana Row. This time we chose Roots and Rye because they have DJ music after dinner and it’s a cute lounge spot.

Our last night in San Jose, we got a table at Pure Nightclub (in which we had to buy 2 bottles, minimum for each was $250). We got a bottle of Moet Rose and a bottle of Grey Goose which lasted us through the night.

Last lunch in San Jose and the day after clubbing, nothing is better than a bowl of “pho”, Vietnamese beef noodle soup. What was astonishing to me was this bowl of pho was actually $11 (typically it’s $7 in San Diego) and people were waiting in line out to the door. They have fresh noodle year (which I got) and I did enjoy my bowl of pho very much. They don’t use Sriracha here but instead it’s their own homemade hot sauce (they wanted to make it very authentic, Hanoi style). This hot sauce was even hotter than Sriracha so beware!

Lots of green onion

We also picked up some donuts for the trip. One of my girlfriends who grew up in the Bay Area told me to go visit this one family run donut shop where they hand roll all their dough. OMG! The donut was so good! I came out fresh from the fryer and they added a layer of sugar glaze to it. When you bite into the donut, it just melts in your mouth, and it wasn’t too sweet. I bought 4 back to share with my fiance David and I think I ate 2.5 of his. It was that good!

That wraps up my San Jose trip, it was so much fun and so much to do in so little time! I would definitely go back for the food alone!

P.S. We also tried this dessert called “Dragon Breath” (David also saw it in Orlando as well) and it’s basically just liquid nitrogen-infused dessert aka eating air. Tasteless but it’s a novelty and was cheap for only $5 a large scoop. We found it at Westfield Valley Fair Mall.